Technical Maintenance Support

This is our original service which has been running since 1996. Our approach to supporting ICT in schools is based around one key concept: regular, scheduled contact time. There may well be cheaper support out there that offers you a call-out based contract, but that’s only ever going to be reactive; calling in help when something has already gone wrong. Regular scheduled visits mean we take a proactive approach.

Regular visits also mean that we will work with you to develop an IT strategy and plan for the provision that supports it. You will be leading the field with first class teaching methods and resources. Take a look at what’s covered in a typical support contract with Benchmark North.

A Benchmark North contract entitles you to:

  • Unlimited school-wide ICT support for curriculum computers
  • Regular scheduled visits
  • Additional technician time to complement scheduled visits
  • Priority emergency response call-outs
  • Repairs to staff and governor home computers
  • Ofsted inspection support
  • Free delivery of all equipment purchased from us